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Go Be Kind: 28 1/2 Adventures Guaranteed to Make You Happier

Leon Logothetis is all about spreading kindness as far as he can throughout the sad, sad world in which we live, which is a truly delightful, wonderful thing, as kindness is something there is never enough off in everyday life.

The real magic of kindness, which is free by the way, is that the giver feels a great sense of happiness in their lives and the receiver, well, that can mean so many things to many people, from a simple thanks, I needed that smile, to just about anything.

Go be Kind is presented in a style which is pure Logothetis, zany, slightly bonkers and of course very, very kind, as he has created 28 1/2 adventures that he guarantees will make you happier. After having read through the book, I would have to agree, because even if you only read the introduction, then the ‘rules’ and then only do one of the 28 1/2adventures, you have already made a difference in your life as well as someone else’s: Pretty powerful, is it not!

Of course, the adventures span a month, more or less, as it is a well-known and researched fact, that it takes 21 days to make and 21 days to break a habit. In this case there are a few extra days built in to make sure the new habit of kindness is there to stay.

As a ‘journal’ into happiness and kindness, Go Be Kind is one book where you are encouraged to write on the pages, colour them in or even tear them out, but it also encourages you to take a look into yourself, your happiness levels and do something about improving them. Call it a health check for happiness which costs nothing and can be seriously life changing, for the better.

The other side of the adventure is reaching out to people who are lonely, isolated and yet surrounded by everything life has to offer, a condition that is on the increase, which in today’s world of electronic everything, is so very important.

Kindness is something that needs to be practiced, preferably on a daily basis but anytime will do, until it becomes a habit that is catching: a warm, happy feeling that once rediscovered becomes an intimate and wonderful part of the person we are, as we continue on our journey through the years of our lives.

How to describe kindness, you can’t, as it is an ethereal something that comes from within, but when practiced, no holds barred, it is pure magic. So, in the words of the master himself, Leon Logothetes, ‘I created this journal for anyone who has ever felt alone. I see you’ which is of course, everyone!

Give like the sun and the whole world grows tall. – Atticus

Author Leon Logothetis
Publisher New South Publication
ISBN 9781948836050
Distributor New South Books
Released June 2019