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The almost unthinkable has been done; Harp and Spanish guitar have been combined to create pure magic in a Greek/Spanish influenced album, created by husband and wife team Thano Sahnas and Lauren Ford Sahnas. Combining the two classical instruments has added a completely new, unique perspective to tunes we all know and love, such as Zorba and Volare, as well as several written by the Sahnas brothers.

Unique is hardly a large enough word to describe the fantastic sound produced from these masters of their instrument and craft. Lauren, or Lolo, is a classically trained harpist and pianist who worked in the fields of teaching, choral works and choir training.

Thano is a professional musician trained at GIT (Musicians Institute) in Los Angeles, returning to Phoenix to compose, and with his brother, create their own recording studio. He and his brother were instrumental in forming the acclaimed Jazz Fusion group Turning Point, and is also one of member of Sister Sledge.

Cinema sets the standards, Athena heralds the changes in tempo and Voltare has never sounded so incredibly magnificent. Besame Mucho is a lovely, lilting, mellow, piece which slows the beat a little, but also allows you to enjoy the incredible skill of Lolo, as she coaxes the wonderful refrain from the harp.

Ladies Night soon wakes you out of the mellow space, as it is predominantly Spanish Guitar played with verve and passion, highlighting the Latino beat, so much so, that you find yourself swinging your hips and totally enjoying the dynamic rhythm being created.

Malaguena is pure Spanish and comes across as such. You can close your eyes and imagine the Signorinas getting ready to dance a dance of passion and coquetry in a tavern or outdoor venue, so beloved of people who live in the warm Mediterranean climates. Joyful and yet enticing, this much loved and performed piece will become a favourite, as there are fresh layers within that are discovered every time you listen to the music.

Universally known and much loved by people of all countries and walks of life, Zorba the Greek is one piece that is vibrant, catchy, and incredibly uplifting. Another wonderful, traditional piece has once again been reborn with this duo’s catchy performance.

Cancion del Mariachi, written as a tribute to a man riding his horse and contemplating his life so far, was originally created by Antonio Banderas and performed by Los Lobos in 2009. This interpretation is one that would definitely find favour with these two gentlemen.

Perfida, sung by Thanos’s , Uncle Tony and the  family, is the final track which adds a lovely homely touch to what is a fun, enjoyable and absolutely delightful, first album from this talented couple.

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Distributor Sahnas Music
Released 2016
Artists Thanos and Lauren (Lolo) Ford Sahnas - He said - She said