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Peace Adso Medie is to be congratulated on an engaging and well-crafted first novel, His Only Wife. The characters are all interesting and many faceted, while the customs of the Ghanaian people are seamlessly relayed. The direct style of writing places the reader alongside the main character and narrator, Afi. She is a modern thinking woman who has a gift for sewing and creating women’s fashions.

The opening sentence of the book shows us that Afi is a nervous and worried bride. According to tradition, an arranged marriage is to take place. The groom is a very wealthy man whose mother is a power in the village. She employs Afi’s mother and dictates the rules by which her community live.

”Elikem married me in absentia,” states Afi, setting the scene for mystery that is soon to be revealed. This young woman who has lived in humble surroundings is soon to be taken to an apartment owned by her husband where she will have every luxury including a car and driver at her disposal, and a large monetary allowance. But no husband.

Weaving through time we see Afi beginning to reason and formulate her life path. She goes to a sewing and fashion school to develop her skills: her husband comes to visit her every so often. As she begins to understand the planning and plotting of her husband’s family, she realises that she will have to make a stand and establish her own path in life. This goes against all the customs and ways of her culture.

Afi begins to realise that the husband who has become the love of her life, cannot share her feelings. The characters are good people, who grow and change as the story unfolds. Afi is a captivating character as is her story.

Author Peace Adzo Medie
Publisher Oneworld
ISBN 9780861541454
Distributor Bloomsbury Publishing
Released February 2021