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Speak to the Sky

If there was one album that is definitely required in this topsy-turvy world in which we all live, Speak to the Sky from James Marienthal could be seriously considered as the one. Beautiful in its simplicity, Marienthal sits in deep conversation with the ethereal creator, the soul deep within, to bring forth a collection of pieces offered for total and divine meditation.

Recorded at The Tank, a place mysterious within itself, the incredible reverberations which underpin the melodies set the vibration to a level that absorbs the listener, the journeyman, the person seeking relief from the daily worry of life if just for a short, relaxing, healing moment in time.

Piece by enchanting piece the conversation unfolds inviting you in to be soothed, washed with peace through the almost eerie melody of the flute, singular, haunting and earthy. Joined from time to time with Arwen Ek’s mellifluous vocals, which take the vibrations to another level, encouraging deep meditation, there is, as the work unfolds the occasional discrete use of piano and various string instruments, shakers and bells change the vibration of the music.

Slowly and gently the tempo changes slightly in Navajo Twilight as it marks a turning point to returning from a place of solace, but still keeping that underpinning of calmness, as if the Angels have taken charge of the music in preparation for the return from a world of pure beauty and calmness.

First Breath is eerie, haunting, simple and captivating; the sound of the flute all that is required; A Terraplace of Time offers a gentle landing, a return and at 7.22sec could also be used as a stand-alone piece for a few moments of relaxation, calmness or meditation in the midst of a busy day.

Marienthal considers Speak to the Sky as a prayer from the heart and as such, as do all prayers, the benediction is offered with unconditional love, a beauteous sense of peace and wellbeing.

In his words:

to the creator of life thank you for this opportunity to be human

to be both divinely beautiful and perfectly flawed

 to feel joy, sorrow, love and gratitude

to love deeply both myself, my brothers and sisters on this journey

 to feel connected in my community and in my solitude

 thank you for the freedom to explore life on earth

 and all its challenges and blessings

with open mind and strong heart

                                                                                    all my relations.                                                James Marienthal

Distributor Silver Wave Records
Released September 2020
Artists James Marienthal