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Squishy McFluff: The Invisible Cat!

For a girl called Ava, the invisible cat Squishy is her best friend, confidant and companion. Together, they do their best to stay out of trouble, but at this time of the year, excitement overcomes them. It is almost Christmas, and her Mum needs to go to the Bazaar to get some last minute items.

 Ava and Squishy accompany her , and promise not to get into trouble. HOWEVER, there is a big Christmas tree in the street that has a crooked star…..Of course the two wish to be helpful, but disaster is just a step away.

 Chapter two shows us the next day, and Ava and Squishy have promised to help at home. However as they have been awake since 4am, mistakenly thinking it was Christmas Day, their planning and following of instructions goes a little awry.

 Let’s just say, an enormous amount of wrapping paper is used, and an unsuspecting snoozing Dad is quite surprised on waking up in the armchair. Ava’s greatest wish is that someone could see her invisible cat, and she writes of her wish to Santa.

 The book is divided into chapters, and with large print, double spacing and simple illustrations, making it perfect for beginning readers. It also lends itself to bedside reading as the rhyming is predictable and simple. “Santa’s beard was silvery white, and it twinkled”…..

 Christmas stories are usually popular with younger children and the large illustrations support the text well. The traditions of an English Christmas are shared. Ava’s issues of the relationship with her cat and longing for him to be recognised are all dealt with by Santa giving the story a perfect ending.

 This book is one in a series about Squishy McFluff who has had previous adventures with Ava.