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The Floating World

As with many of Fallen’s works a delicate slice of poetry accompanies the music, this time it is from Nazim Hikmet a Turkish Poet known for his lyric and political poems.

Read the verse, listen to the music and allow your mind to float free, to enjoy your special journey into ‘The Floating World’.

 “Soul of mine,
close your eyes very quietly,
and how we sink into water
plunge into sleep,
naked and dressed in white
the most beautiful of dreams will welcome you.”
(Nazim Hikmet)

Nature, birds chirping, delicate sounds floating on the ether are joined by the single notes of the piano to commence the beautiful Forgotten MorningRise from the new release The Floating World from Fallen, aka Lorenzo Brancaloni.

Moving back into a more familiar sound ranges is the delicate Gates in the Clouds, is a song that makes you wonder what lies behind the clouds when what appears to be an opening occurs. Is there another world, another universe just out of view?

How many times have you wandered down Secret Paths, Secret Tales being told with all the mystique that can be gathered to enhance and mystify the story, even if it is only in the secrets of the mind held close and dear. Mystical in arrangement Secret Paths, Secret Tales captures that element of wonder, those hidden, secretive moments, held safely within the mind to later be taken out and enjoyed.

Embrace Your World is a hunting, many layered ambient song that is vastly intriguing with the various elements blending together in a style that is refreshing, and most enjoyable, which leads nicely into Sing Your Poems Under Evening Trees, which captures that moment of peace when the day is done and it is time to sit, enjoy and indulge in the living poetry of life all around.

The Floating World one of the shorter songs, contains a more vibrant element to draw a delightful journey to a somewhat eclectic finale. 

Distributor ROHS Records
Released June 2023
Running Time 38mins 4secs
Artists Fallen