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The Funny Life of Pets

Not only will children not be able to put this book down, but many adults will be checking it out for a laugh. As the title and front cover suggest, there is accurate information about pets, but also many humorous and not so accurate anecdotes about our favourite animals. The book is structured so that children don’t have to start reading from the beginning but can move forward and backwards according to their interests. There are signposts along the way to show which page to go to for further information.

For example, the heading on page 124 is “Different types of cats.” Here it explains what types of cats there are, and where (in a Library) you can find out about different breeds.  There is a signpost advising the reader to go to page 159 if they don’t know what a Library is. There is also some advice about getting a kitten. The text tells us that some people put butter on the kitten’s paws so it doesn’t wander off. The suggestion is made that you could also try and experiment with cream cheese!

There is also a pet flow chart at the beginning of the book. If you are undecided about the sort of pet you want, there are question bubbles to help. One of the bubbles asks, “Do you want your pet to lick your face and hide your slippers?” If you answer yes, the pet for you is a dog. A helpful guide talks about toilet behaviour. It explains the function of lamp posts and the messages they carry, especially for dogs. There is information on litter trays and toilet training your pet which is surprisingly easy…. The poo identification table, complete with diagrams will make sure you can identify your pet’s poo easily.

With much humour, and cartoon like illustrations, this could easily become a favourite reference book for children. It is very easy to move swiftly about from places of interest and enjoy the fun along the way. How Shakespeare becomes involved in this book I’m not too sure but be prepared for anything when you open the cover.

Author James Campbell. Illustrator Rob Jones
Publisher Bloomsbury Childrens Books
ISBN 9781408889947
Distributor Bloomsbury
Released September 2018