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Trust, the latest riveting thriller from Chris Hammer takes the issue of trust expanding it out to create a storyline that is all too real, based in Sydney; a Sydney that is there, hovering on the fringes of society, full of crime, corruption and murder at the highest of levels.

Life is looking pretty good for Martin Scarsden; Liam is down on the beach enjoying the water as only a little boy can do, Martin watching his stepson with pure enjoyment and love. His phone some distance from the water’s edge rings and falls silent. It rings again only to be ignored once again. The third call is eventually answered, only to strike fear into Martins heart as he checks the previous two calls, discovering they are from Mandy which is unusual; she normally texts.

Scarsden has once again to reassess his life and his relationship with Mandy, Mandalay Blonde his partner, as her past has returned in a particularly challenging way; a past that sees her kidnapped and drugged, the death of his mentor and long-time friend and journalist Max, which in turn finds him once again on the trail of a hot, hot story, dealing with the privileged of Sydney society in a way he never thought possible.

As he commenced his career in Sydney, he returns to a place, a life he believed he had left far behind, the echoes of what he once thought was everything life could hold, to reflect on just how much better and happier his life had become.

Mandalay Blonde is further explored as it is her past, a past filled with diversity that has bought them to Sydney; to death, sadness and destruction and is also something Martin is struggling to accept, as he thought Mandy had shared her all her secrets with him over the past year or so; looks like he was wrong, so very wrong.

Set in the world of undercover police work, money market manipulation and global crime Hammer draws on his past life as a journalist covering World Affairs, to create a scenario where real life fits comfortably together with fiction evolving into a fast paced, riveting story, that appears to form a trilogy, which has allowed Martin Scarsdale and Mandalay Blonde to become firm friends in readers hearts and minds. Trust can also be read as a stand-a-lone story.

Chris Hammer burst onto the Crime Mystery genre in 2018 with the birth of Scrublands, followed by Silver almost a year later. Trust simply underscores the accolades already received as a writer of substance and stature.

Trust; when you get your copy, turn off the phone, get settled comfortably and step into the latest fast paced thriller from internationally acclaimed writer, Chris Hammer.

Author Chris Hammer
Publisher Allen & Unwin
ISBN 9781760877415
Distributor Allen & Unwin
Released October 2020