Distributor:       Booktopia/Amazon 
ISBN:                 9781526605436
Publisher:         Bloomsbury Children's Books
Release Date:   October 2020  

Website:    https://www.bloomsbury.com 

 The Book of Not Entirely Useful Advice 

Reviewed By  Janet Mawdesley       December 17, 2020

Author  AF Harold. Illustrations Mini Grey

AF Harold is noted for many things, mainly for being a children’s author and also his seriously wacky, absurd sense of humour and the ridiculous. AF has taken this to the next level with his latest book ,  The Book of Not entirely Useful Advice, which is not strictly true, because hidden away in the depth of this poem or that one, there is truly some seriously useful advice. You may not think so right now, but later in life, when perhaps you have grown a bit more, you will go, just like AF has done, Ahhh, that is what it meant.

There are four sections in this incredibly huge book that will take you on many voyages, courtesy of the wonderful world of words put together in poems to offer sage advice to all who are brave enough to read the pages. Each one will become a favourite, just as long as it takes to find the next favourite one and so on until every page has been devoured. Literally that is, as I don’t think AF would appreciate you actually eating his words!

Now, for the lovers of those wonderful fast food Burgers, there is poem on them that should be read before indulging, Eagles and Elephants really does make you think whereas Dunk takes on a whole new perspective when you need to decide whether to dunk, or not to dunk!

It is a word as we all know but…………. when it becomes The Idea of It, things start to happen that are completely unexpected.

One could go on, and on, and on, but a little needs to be said about Mini Grey who did the absolutely fabulous illustrations that add to the immense fun found on and in amongst the pages, making this suitable for big and little people who love words, poetry and great pictures.

But a word of warning before you get carried away, as, right in the front of the book is Warnings, which really should be read and then A Note For The Reader should be considered as essential reading because, AF offers a money back guarantee your parents might like to use if you, or rather they, discover you are having too much fun when reading The Book of Not entirely Useful Advice from AF Harold.