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 The Reluctant Jillaroo 

Reviewed By  Janet Mawdesley       January 12, 2016

Author  Kaz Delaney

When Heidi’s twin Harper crashes over her skateboard and wrecks her knee, she ends up in hospital rather than on the bus to Jillaroo camp at Winmaroo, a place she has worked hard to be able to attend in the summer break.

For Harper it can mean the difference between gaining a scholarship to the Tamworth Ag College -Agricol – or seeing her dreams slide down the drain.

As for Heidi, she simply cannot see what Harper sees in the outback lifestyle, as for her it is all about beach and surf, but as she is total devastated by what has happened she volunteers to take Harpers place on the bus the next morning.

And that is when the fun commences. Harper is already a top notch rider, has endless understanding about life on a Cattle station and lives and breathes the lifestyle where as she, Heidi, can vaguely remember their early days on the farm, and has not ridden a horse for years.

Turning up to catch the bus she arrives in her tank-top, short skirt, clutching her ‘skatie’ and realises that perhaps she needed a bit more information from her sister before she committed. Everyone else is wearing jeans, a red t-shirt with the camp logo and boots.

Well, there is no way back now and as she travels closer to her destination she begins to understand the enormity of what she, in her usual impulsive manner, has gone and done. But what will her Dad say when he finds out she has gone in Harpers place.

The problem is Trent Weston, Harpers arch rival at school is one of the kids attending Winmaroo and he knows Harper pretty well. How was Heidi going to be able to make out she knows what she is doing and fool everyone around her.

Help comes from an unexpected place with Chaz offering her help right from the first day and the rest of the kids seeming to be a not so bad lot.

But as the days go on and Heidi manages to somehow scrape through without too much damage a range of things begin to occur which put the lives of some of the kids in danger, and it appears she may be the person responsible.

When you are young, out of your depth and falling in love, along with being in what appears to be a heap of trouble, and doubling as your twin, makes a great summer teen read, as a lot can happen in just ten little days!