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ISBN:                 9781408886069
Publisher:         Blomsbury
Release Date:   March 2017  

Website:    http:/www.bloomsbury.com 

 The Song Rising 

Reviewed By  Ian Banks       April 18, 2017

Author  Samantha Shannon

As the long awaited third book in the ‘The Bone Season’ series, set in the Republic of Scion, England, fans will totally enjoy the continuing journey as they join Paige Mahoney as she once again battles the forces of evil, this time in her position of Underqueen, ruling over the underworld of London’s criminal classes, in order to protect the clairvoyants in the community.

Brilliant and well written once again, Samantha Shannon takes us directly back into the world of the Fae as Paige tries to stabilise what has become a never ending challenge for peace and stability.

Having turned her back on former lover Jaxon Hall after a particularly bloody battle, he once again reappears to her but she begins to realise there is more to him that even she understood; that he was a traitor and none too fussy about which side he was supporting. He was out for himself and none other and now she expects her to return to him once again.

Political overtones, aligning with many of the modern world issues, run throughout the story, and as more and more things go wrong, things that should not, Paige begins to understand the people she most trusted, perhaps are not so solid.

But it appears that something has gone seriously wrong with one of the new scanners which have a new technology called Sensheild which can identify the clairvoyants and destroy the world as they know it.

The sensor is particularly small and can easily be attached to the guns of the military, making life very difficult and dangerous for the inhabitants in the realm of un-naturals. As time goes by and Paige settles into her position as Underqueen she realises the role is one that has hidden depths and is pushing her in a direction she would rather not take.

It is when she makes the decision to morph into the body of a guard at the Edinburgh Prison in order to release a seriously dangerous inmate she really begins to understand she is becoming someone ugly and hateful. But it not until she is captured and tortured for her beliefs things begin to change.

Bloody and bloodthirsty this instalment is one that readers of dystopian fantasy will absolutely enjoy. Reminiscent of an Orwellian fantasy, The Song Rising is set in 2058 and brings to the imagination everything that The Hunger Games and Twilight left out.