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Over many, many years’ Tom Eaton has been instrumental in creating incredible music with friend and colleague, guitarist Will Ackerman at Windham Hill Records. Many of the pieces mastered there have gone on to become award winners for a vast array of musicians, from solo performances to the diversity of the fusion styles; music that now comes under headings such as Ambient, Neo-Classical and so many more.

As a performer Eaton has composed, recorded and released to acclaim fourteen albums, Weathering making the fourteenth, a relaxing and delicately balanced series of songs that tell of a life journey from light to dark and then light once again.

Music to tell stories has always been so, going back to the very beginning of time; the sophistication of the modern style allows the wide variance in mood, creativity and the captivating of emotion in many layers. When you are Tom Eaton, and have been at the peak of the art of engineering music for several generations, the elegance and emotion of the songs on Weathering hold great appeal.

Over one hour of blissful music, the journey begins at the Lost Years with a prelude, which the leads into the song before moving into deep reflection in Above the mad river; reflective and brooding this is has a deep, spacey element which resonates.

Instead I said goodbye begins the second bracket. The empty page one so many have faced followed by Weathering; life’s many storms captured over the three songs, a time of reflection, acceptance and letting go. Facing up slowly to a new reality.

Moving gently into fresh beginnings comes with the almost hesitant song The beach, the rain and hope which is slow, thoughtful and intimate before branching out into a more acoustic sound to captivate the emergence hope and change

Piano gently played wafts in the beautiful when clouds give way to stars, a song filled with a sense of happiness, of a lightening of the spirit returning from a dark place, to discover a much lighter happier world to enjoy.

Weathering is a more than just one man and his music: it encapsulates so many of life’s journeys on a road well-travelled. Delicate, dainty and perfectly balanced it is an album that brings with it gentle relaxation, hope and healing. 

Distributor Bandcamp
Released August 2023
Running Time 60mins
Artists Tom Eaton