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David Astle has managed to do it again! Managed to scramble the brain with words, Yes words, in this latest, just before Christmas collection, that is designed to either send you running screaming or keep you so entertained and challenged nothing else exists, except solving the next puzzle or code or getting your head around the next tongue-twister .

Aimed at children and their inquisitive minds, there could be a battle royale in the household to see just who is going to read it now, or who has got it, as there is definitely something there for any age.

‘Anagram’s are awesome’ but why should the kids have all the fun; they simply should not, as turning words back-to-front does more than keep the mind agile, it also keeps the family laughing at the many abstract aspects of a simple word such as ‘awesome’; a word that is not all it seems and has a long and colourful history traced back to Viking days.

Tacked away in the pages of ‘Wordburger’ are some awesome stories such as Chapter 13, Thumbtalk, I kid you not,  and Natular Bunlges are not what you think at all!

Cryptic Sneakery is just that; a series of very small, very difficult and challenging cross word puzzles to really get you going!

If, by the end of this little book you are completely confused with the English language, you could begin again, or you could simply decide that this wonderful book on puzzling is far too good to be shared with anyone and go and hide it in a dark, dark place in your room, only to be taken out when you want to hide away and keep discovering more and more secrets disguised in the puzzle that is the English language.

A great gift for giving or a great book for treating oneself to over the summer months as you sit and contemplate life, no matter what age you are!

AuthorDavid Astle
PublisherAllen & Unwin Childrens