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Live and Laugh with Dementia

Dementia is a debilitating condition with no known cure that has a massive impact on families and careers once diagnosed. Much research has been undertaken in recent years in order understand what is happening to the mind,  as well as seeking a better way of maximising the health of the people with tis debilitating illness.

In this second edition of Live and Laugh with Dementia, leading Australian Expert Lee-Fay Low expands further on the many ways that can be utilized to create a better lifestyle for everyone concerned.

In this comprehensive work, Low has backed up the findings of so many with solid case studies, a massive range of tips to help people with mild dementia and considerable information to build a better understanding of what is physically occurring in the brain.

Understanding of the effects of dementia on the sufferer is complex; particularly in the early stages as often the condition presents as a form of vagueness, an inability to remember the everydayness of life, the little things that make a difference and slowly progresses over a period of five to seven years.

Through research as well as trial and error, one of the many elements that have proven to be effective in slowing the condition is engagement, which while in a word may seem simple, can be both challenging and complex, as once the mind begins to slow, the desire to engage and remain engaged with everyday life decreases.

Socially there is a massive amount of change occurring, which is often negatively received by the family and the public. This is one aspect which can be improved in a more positive manner by understanding the everyday emotional and health needs of people with dementia, as well as seeking out ways of creating mental stimulation to help prevent issues such as boredom, depression and improving self-identity where possible.

Low draws on the analogy of comparing the dementia sufferer to a small child in so far as the understanding of their needs is concerned, which are Physical Health, Stimulation and Company , being the three things all people need and require in their daily lives regardless of their age and physical well-being.

Her work has been presented in a style that is informative, easy to understand, comprehensive and designed to encourage families to explore the options available to the fullest, which will encourage and allow support and enrichment for all people involved.



Author Dr Lee-Fay Low
Publisher Exile Publishing
ISBN 9781925335729
Distributor Exile Publishing
Released February 2018