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The Longevity List

The list of what is good and what is not, marketed to encourage the modern person to live a long and productive life, is one that is continuously growing; but what is truth, fiction or good marketing is often difficult to discover and so we travel along, believing exactly what!

Professor Merlin Thomas takes a number of the wonderful myths and realities of the longevity quest and places them firmly under the spotlight of common sense, exploding many, concurring on some and laughing at others, but all the while delivering a good dose of reality on how we choose to live, exercise and eat.

Chocolate, beloved of pretty much everyone, is the first food item to be investigated with the myth of cutting down your consumption of chocolate will do wonders, under the microscope. Oh, dear!

Each of the 17 items to come under scrutiny has its own chapter beginning with a number of the most common beliefs, such as, in the case of the hallowed Chocolate: Why is chocolate a bad thing? Answer – It isn’t (except for dogs) where it rates as a poison! Another common belief to be shattered is, ‘Can chocolate improve my sex life?’ Check out the answer.

#4 Do I really have to….. Lose the Waist, answers so many questions we have never liked to ask, but always wonder about, such as beer bellies, man-boobs and why being overweight can be a killer.

Cut of the Starch rates in at #8 and deals with carbs, GI, fibre and will eating the crust make the hair curl, which is an oldie but a goodie.

Each of the chapters answers various regularly posed questions with humour and solid fact. In the case of Chicken Soup being used to cure a wide range of ailments from the common cold to the blues, sadly it has been proven it simply relates to eating something warm and wonderful, which is often better than anything else on those days when all you really want is a little bit of comfort food – warm, hot and delicious. Great for the mental health and comfort of the sufferer!

Dipping into the various chapters as required will bring with it a serious and yet light hearted education encouraging you into taking a good look at you – the person who overeats chocolate, does not do enough exercise, is looking for a quick heath fix, loves Chicken Soup and concludes with the very real benefit of Finding Love, the perfect partner and finally answering the time old question, ‘Is there an elixir of love?’

Professor Thomas suggests, should we really want to make changes in our life, changes which will aid a long and happy lifetime in good health, begin with a simple list of things needed to be done. With list there is a beginning and end which, as you strike out your latest successful achievement offers encouragement that you are one step closer to THE END of the list and a huge step closer to longevity.

Author Professor Merlin Thomas
Publisher Exile Publishing
ISBN 9781921966736
Distributor Exile Publishing
Released September 2017