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Keepsakes in the Attic

As the title suggests this is an album of piano that will tug at the memory and heartstrings as the traditional sounds take you back to a time when life was less complex, when piano was played in many houses as entertainment; a time when stories were told around the fire during the winter months, a time when memories were made.

Bjorck uses the metaphor of ‘spending the afternoon in the attic,’ rummaging through the various keepsakes stored in the boxes, finding nothing but treasures of times long gone and the precious memories they evoke as each piece is slowly unwrapped and rediscovered.

The memorabilia we all know well, such as your Mothers music box, Grandad’s old rocking chair, the gowns and jewellery of times gone by and worn when out on that special event, the pictures, cards and occasionally wrapping paper considered precious enough to keep, all add up to a host of memories, that occasionally need to see the light of day.

The tracks composed for this album are based in various memories of something special in Bjorck’s, families’ lives and his time growing up a small child playing catch with his Father. Each piece is brushed with a poignancy that is as subtle as a breath of fresh air, a remembered laugh, the hint of an old fashioned tune hauntingly finding its way into the notes.

Dainty and beautiful the rich, slightly ‘olde worlde’ melodic structures touch the heart, brings a smile to the face and most of all encourages you to take a look at the ‘keepsakes in the attic’ of your mind, your home or your Grandparents and in doing so, rediscover your family, who they were and the items precious enough to keep tucked safely away.

Poignant and touching this is a very special selection of music which does exactly as it sets out to do, bring a gentle peace, a touch of joy and a haunting whiff of memories, as each of the notes is played with immense skill and love, and like the memories they invoke will remain with you in the ‘attic of your mind.’


Distributor RS Promotions US
Released February 2016
Running Time 50.24mins
Artists Jeff Bjorck