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Prelude to a Dream

A sense of gentle naivety has been created with the simple and yet skilful use of the piano by talented pianist Shoshana Michel in her third album, Prelude to a Dream. Following on from her previous releases, with her debut album Soul Whispers very well received and her second album, Dancing on the Wind consisting of original music, nominated for Whisperings Solo Piano Radio’s “Album of the Year,” One World Music Radio’s “Solo Piano Album of the Year” and’s “Album of the Year” this latest release is certainly one for consideration come award time.

Coming back from a hiatus of more than 24 years, a period in which she withdrew from composition, her time away from this alchemical art has allowed her to create music that is unique, inspirational, with a delightful freshness that comes straight from the heart.

Beginning with Wonders, she delicately encourages relaxation, and a sense of almost innocence, as she trips across the keys. Enjoyable and light, it is a piece which welcomes you in, gently leading into the title track Prelude to a Dream, which encourages a continuing sense of the relaxation already commenced. It says let the world go by for just a minute or two, be peaceful, relax and enjoy.

A Walk in the Rain is something which can be joyful, even though the end result is somewhat damp: the soft, light touch of gentle rain lends a special a magic to the moment when you are at one with the world around you, enclosed in a soft and yet gentle blanket of nature’s making; subtle, different and unique to that time and place: an ephemeral moment Michel has managed to capture perfectly.

A more upbeat piece is created with Kaleidoscope, where the notes are changed and shifted into an ever-changing pattern, such is life, and such is the power of subtle change; through looking at shifting perspectives, change slowly becomes normal and is absorbed into life.

On every album there is one piece which resonates a little more and on this one it is Meditation; a piece which is not at all what you imagine it to be by the title; it simply entrances, encouraging a short time of stillness, to refresh in the midst of a busy day.

Both A Most Precious Gift and a Silent Farewell complement each other; one for the precious gift of life, love and hope and the other reflecting on a life and time spent, a soul passing and the reflection and acceptance that is there in both of these times in life: the beginning of a journey yet to be undertaken, the completion of a journey lived, enjoyed and celebrated, yet again captured through the medium of music.

Ethereal completes this heartfelt gift and is a delightful, light and reflective piece with what could be considered a celestial touch, so delicate is the melody.  Absolutely beautiful and completely relaxing.

Definitely music for the soul!

Distributor CD Baby
Released September 2017
Artists Shoshana Michel