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Courageous Lucy

The Girl Who Liked to Worry

Some children are born worriers. Lucy was one of those children. She worried that her shadow would turn into a black hole and eat her; life seemed to be extremely dangerous. The beautiful illustrations from Cara King show her mother as calm and unaware of the horrors that Lucy faced each day.

Many children do not overcome their fears until they mature and gain strength and confidence. However, Mrs Hunt, the teacher, had decided to put on a class musical. Lucy watched on as children volunteered their songs, their pirate costumes, their dances, and musical instruments.

She would have love to be involved in the musical, but “How could she help?” Finally, with bravery she did not know she had; Lucy told the teacher that she wanted to be on the stage.

That one brave statement changed Lucy’s understanding of being fearful and always worried. With a modified role planned by a clever teacher, the young girl was able to achieve her dream and act in a very well received performance.

Courageous Lucy, the girl who liked to worry from Paul Russell captures with easy words and lovely pictures, Lucy facing up to her worries and understanding that even though she is still a worrier, being brave can bring rewards and joy.

Author Paul Russell. Illustrations Cara King.
Publisher EK/Exisle Publications
Distributor Exisle Publishing
Released 2020