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Don’t Make Me Cross!

Oh dear me, cute smiley, sweet and all round gorgeous Monster is having a birthday party, but cute little Monster has one thing Monster wants to make clear from the beginning; if Monster does not get to be the BOSS, Monster will get very cross, very cross indeed, so cross in fact that Monster eventually spoils the entire party!

Monster is so excited a that it is HIS birthday and friends will be coming around with presents and heaps of lovely things. There will be all Monsters favourite foods to eat and all Monsters favourite games to play. One thing has not changed though Monster must be the BOSS!

The bright large page format, featuring captivating creatures with most interesting looks on their faces, and very telling storyline, make this quirky picture book perfect for teaching little ones about being selfish, being kind to their friends and not always having to be the BOSS of everything; all very necessary lessons to be learned in life.

Nicely worded, Don’t make Me Cross is a lovely interactive story best read to little one in either a group, or after a serious ‘tantrum’, where others have been upset and their behaviour has caused some serious issues, or simply as a story about what not to do when it is your birthday party!

Author Smriti Prasadam-Halls. Illustrations Angie Rozelaar.
Publisher Bloomsbury Childrens Books
ISBN 9781408885611
Distributor Bloomsbury Childrens Books
Released May 2019