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Go Away, Worry Monster!

Bright and colourful Go Away, Worry Monster is guaranteed to help worries to go away, particularly when you are only small. There seems to be so many things to make you worry, especially once you go to bed to try and stop you going to sleep.

Poor Archie, he was having a terrible time as he was just about to start at a new school and although he thought he knew things would be alright, maybe they wouldn’t. Oh Boy, Worry Monster had arrived and simply would not let him be peaceful and go to sleep.

The longer Worry Monster fussed and fidgeted about the new school, the more worried Archie was, even Brown Teddy could not seem to help make Worry Monster go away.

Worry Monster became so big he was almost, but not quite filling up the room. Archie’s tummy hurt, his head ached and his heart was pounding. Toby his beloved dog was on the bed, Owl was there turned up to full light, Brown Bear was there to be hugged tightly, but nothing seemed to help.

That was until Archie suddenly had enough; he thought it was about time he learned to deal with Worry Monster himself and remembered the things his Mum had told him about making Worry Monster go away.

Facing worry for a small child is challenging, as is learning to conquer the fear of the unknown, but with the help of Go Away Worry Monster, which captures very well the issues faced but also presents as Facts so many wonderful ways to teach your children how to face up to their fears, making Worry Monster go away will become so much easier.

As a subliminal element many parents reading this out loud will also engage with the simple and yet effective methods of learning to cope with new and unexpected things in their children’s lives.

Go Away, Worry Monster by Brooke Graham is bought to life with a very appealing, brightly coloured series of fun illustrations from the flamboyant RobinTatlow-Lord, capturing a very funny looking Worry Monster, paws and all, the bravery of Archie as he realises he really is ‘all grown up’ and the nicely presented Facts, cleverly disguised as elements of the story that can be used to help little people everywhere learn to understand and face their particular Worry Monster.

Author Brooke Graham. Illustrations Robin Tatlow-Lord
Publisher Exisle Publishing
Distributor EK Books
Released September 2020