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One Book Was All it Took

There is movement, colour and drama in this picture book, One Book Was All It Took. Each page is designed to grab the reader and propel them into the story. What could be more disastrous for a young book worm on a rainy day, than to be out of new books. This is the situation Violet finds herself in and with slapstick humour, the author seeks to find a solution for her problem.

Violet’s greatest wish is for her town to have a Library. She writes to the mayor to request this. Meanwhile, Violet finds a book that she thinks no one will miss. This triggers a series of unfortunate events which ultimately lead to Violet having her wish come true.

Because the illustrations are larger than life this story exudes excitement and an eagerness to turn to the next page. It is all very slick and fantastic and wildly improbable, but that’s the fun and satisfaction of the story. The text font is a good size for young readers, and the colour a good contrast on the illustrated pages.

Young readers will enjoy the slapstick humour and comedy in this bright and breezy tale.

Author Wenda Shurety. Illustrations Amy Calautti.
Publisher Exisle Publishing/EK Books
ISBN 9781922539137
Distributor EK Books
Released August 2022