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Pepper Masalah and the Temple of Cats

What a great way to introduce young children to history and other cultures. Rosanne Hawk has combined an imaginative story with time travel, to take cats Pepper and Zam on an adventure. There are many challenges to face for these cats, but this first one is to escape from Egypt and return home.

Because of a strong wind and a carpet that may be magic, Pepper and Zam have been caught up in a storm and flown, via their red rug, to Egypt. Some of the challenges they face on the way are, a tussle with a crocodile, discovery that cat mummies are popular, and how to escape from a temple where cats are sold for this purpose.

Pepper Masalah and The Temple of the Cats has large font with simple text and adventures which are gripping. Along with cartoon type drawings from Jasmine Berry this is a most enjoyable and relaxing way for children to learn about fascinating aspects of history. Introducing geography and simple magic make this a pleasure to read.

Author Rosanne Hawk. Illustrations Jasmine Berry,
Publisher Wombat Books
ISBN 978-1-76111-114-3
Distributor Wombat Books
Released July 2023