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The Box Cars

Remember when life was somehow simpler, or al least seemed to be and fun was had playing with the definitely simpler treasures, such as old cardboard or wooden boxes. Fresh air was something that was a massive part of the day and fun was had by hanging out with your best friends. The Box Cars is a celebration of times past, but also a reminder that these times fondly remembered, can once again be a thing of the present with just a little bit of imagination and effort.

Liam and Kai raced their box cars side by side, two best friends enjoying what they loved best, being outside and racing make pretend cars they had built with a little help and a lot of old bits and pieces.  The park was their racetrack and they created all sorts of happenings in their minds; one day they were police cars chasing criminals and on other days they were fancy limousines carrying movies stars. Perhaps they were a taxi carrying Mrs Ducks’ ducklings safely to the to the other side of the playground.

Eve was always at the park as well. She cheered them on and ran alongside the cars as they raced about their business. Lim offered Eve a ride in his boxcars but that left him by himself, that was until Liam and Kai decided to share one boxcar, so they could all play together until disaster struck. Find out how the friends solved the terrible dilemma and built a boxcar made for three.

Lovely bright and fun illustrations along with short but specific use of language has created the wonderful, fresh outdoor feel of the park, the thrill of racing the cars, the challenge of invention and the sharing and enjoyment the children feel when a problem is solved with a great end result.

Perhaps building your w own box car is a project and activity to add to the list for the next school holidays. Start collecting your boxes now and find out what fabulous fun can be had with the simple and enjoyable pleasures to be found in a cardboard box!


Author Robert Vescio. Illustrations Cara King.
Publisher Exile Publishing/EK Books
ISBN 9781925335835
Distributor EK Books/Exile Publishing
Released February 2018