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This is NOT a Book!

Right from the first page This is NOT a book is filled with completely fantastic words and pictures as our anti-hero tries to convince not only himself, but you that this is not a book, because he is real and if he was not there surely would pages to turn, and there are NOT!

Even if there was, things would happen and nothing is happening. There needs to be a focus, a time and place; events need to actually happen to make a story but of course there is nothing happening, which really makes him wonder how he can breathe underwater and then find he is floating in space, because he is real and of course if this is the case, these things can’t happen.

It is not until be really lands in trouble with a gang of pirates and some seriously upset mermaids, he begins to think that, seriously what is going on. All he has to do is think about something and he is there, right in the middle of an adventure, but as he is real, how can this be so!

Fun filled and totally quirky, the hidden story inside this book is how to write a book of your own; title, pages, character, adventure, plot, action and words, except he finally realises that something is missing, but what could that be?

Marvellously entertaining This is NOT a book from Kellie Byrnes is a very clever non-fiction fiction, if that makes sense, that teaches about book construction while telling a totally hilarious tale of denial filled with fun. Aska has once again created some larger than text illustrations to add to the fun, so make very sure that you check out the pictures to really discover all about the book that is not a book!

Have fun!

Author Kellie Byrnes. Illustrations Aśka.
Publisher Exisle Publishing/EK Books
ISBN 9781925820508
Distributor EK Books
Released June 2021