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The Healthy Skin Kitchen

For anyone who has suffered through a skin allergy or is permanently afflicted with eczema, dermatitis, leaky gut or some sort of intolerance to modern foods, The Healthy Skin Kitchen from Karen Fischer is a breath of fresh air; a slightly different take on healing your skin, as well as yourself in a very practical and user friendly style.

Suffering a range of debilitating skin conditions and massive intolerances to a range of chemicals, Karen’s life was challenging as to what to use on her skin, what to eat and how to go about living something like a normal lifestyle.

It also seemed that her issues had been passed down to her young daughter Avya, who became the main reason why she began her journey into skin wellness, more than twenty years ago; a journey which has discovered much, produced amazing health results, along with a  comprehensive understanding about heathy diet, healthy skin and healthy living.

The Healthy Skin Kitchen is a combination of fact, scientific information, a plan to help begin your journey to healthy skin as well as wonderful recipes that are simple and easy to create, and yummy to enjoy. This I can personally vouch for, as Overnight Oats, are a staple in our family and have been for some considerable time. The range of Flat breads to be made, are a delight to this sensitive soul.

Broken down into four sections the book is easy to navigate, depending on what in particular is your issue, with all paths leading back to the same base, that of healing the inner person in order to be able to heal the skin issues. It makes sense to begin at the beginning, something that is often not that easy to do as a quick fix it generally what is being sought.

But as Fischer says, skin renews after 28 days and six weeks is not a long time to trial something that could make a permanent difference to your skin and quality of life. The diet, if you choose to call it that, is easy to follow, comes with a considerable amount of information about that particular diet or eating plan such as Vegan, Paleo/immune wellness, Firm and tone, Nourish/detox or Low histamine/salicylate and a heap of tasty, nutritious recipes that will soon become staples in the family meal plan.

Regardless of whether there is a medical need to change your diet, the information and recipes provided are all based on common sense, sound research and healthy eating, which in turn provides glowing skin and overall good health that creates a  healthy win, win situation for the modern, often not so well balanced, lifestyle.


Author Karen Fischer BHSc, Dip. Nut.
Publisher Exisle Publishing
ISBN 9781925820652
Distributor Exisle Publishing
Released March 2021