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The Divine Feline A chic cat lady’s guide to woman’s best friend

Cats; mysterious, captivating, charming, deadly when it suites them, loving, selective and snooty as well, whenever the mood strikes; a furry, purry bundle of love and joy that we can co-habitate with that has hidden talents, a long, rich history and in many ancient cultures, much folkloric surrounds them.

Belinda Alexandra spent some time researching and creating The Divine Feline after a conversation with a feline specialist vet, about the link associated with cats and misogyny; a fascinating and what turned out to intriguing journey, saw Alexandra following  the link that men who dislike cats, tend to oppress women, an interesting deduction and one she developed further.

But getting back to the book, Alexandra has created The Divine Feline in the form of a ‘girls own’ Compendium of fact and fiction about our beloved felines that is pure entertainment from beginning to end.  Commencing with an Introduction from Belinda Alexandra this leads into Dear Pebbles, which is an absolutely charming cameo of an agony aunt column through the eyes of Pebbles the Cat, who of course has her own take on Humans, which is most enlightening. At strategic points throughout the balance of the book Pebbles appears to impart pearls of timeless wisdom.

Cat History follows which has some charming stories from a many of the famous people whose cats were a very important component of their lives: Winston Churchill’s beloved marmalade cat Jock, a feisty feline resided, as did Churchill at number 10 Downing Street, for many years. Emily Bronte always had her cat Tiger with her, allowing it to sleep on her feet at night; she claimed cats were much like humans in their ways, particularly when they used their charm to get their own way! She wrote the essay ‘Cats’ on the subject, inspired no doubt by her and her sisters Charlotte and Anne’s love of cats.

Fairy Cat Mothers is full of fascinating insights into the joy and friendship that can be found when becoming a volunteer to help rescue abandoned cats. At the end of this section are many tips and helpful pointers on how best to care for your cat or cats and what not to do, such as having too many cats, which can become seriously problematic.

The beautiful Cat Magic is just that; full of charm folkloric and indeed magic that has a long and interesting association with Cats, going as far back as Egypt when Bastet, one of the many cat goddesses, was associated with women’s matters such as childbirth, fertility, health and beauty.  Witches have their place, as well as healers who preferred to live alone with a cat for company, as well as being useful for keeping the vermin away from the drying herbs, harvested to make their healing tonics and balms.

Cats are great communicators, and yes, they do indeed have a conversation with you, letting you know just what is what in their world, as many cat lovers will endorse, but just in case you are unsure of what your perfect feline is letting you know, this chapter will dispel any doubts.

There is so much fascinating information captured between the velvet trimmed covers of The Divine Feline that you will be captivated and entranced for many hours as you enjoy a very charming, elegant and chic, naturally, ‘cat ladies guide to woman’s best friend’, which just happens to be perfect for indulging in over the summer season with your feline curled up with you making sure you get it right!

Oh yes, and perfect for giving, naturally. Oh, and one more thing, do you think that wonderful illustrator Neryl Walker portrayed us Cats very well, we certainly do!

Author Belinda Alexandra
Publisher Murdoch Books
ISBN 9781760525750
Distributor Murdoch Books
Released November 2020