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You’ve Got To Be Kidding

a shedload of wine & a farm full of goats

You’ve Got To Be Kidding, the follow on to Thirty Thousand Bottles of Wine and Pig Called Helga is a leap into the real world of tree change, full of moments all too easily able to be related to life’s journey. In Todd and his partner Jeff’s case, their tree change from city life to country life on Block Eight, a 100 acre winery in the Hunter Valley, was one that began an often times hilarious journey into the world of ‘farming’, Air B‘n B, tourism and wine production, that hit a massive snag with the arrival of the summer fires of 2019-‘20, followed by the Covid-19 pandemic.

Barely making a comfortable living from their acreage, they filled their life with friends and the addition of more rescue animals, all of which Todd fell madly in love with and Jeff simply took in his stride. The couple realised they  had to take stock of their life as farmers on Block Eight, add up the real balance sheet, find a way to sell off their shed load of quality red, and somehow manage to keep the Ark afloat, sick animals and all during the year that was 2020.

Their idyllic lifestyle was under review, as it had been under threat for some time. No matter how they tried to manage their non-existent budget, somehow, between Todd needing to rescue a few more animals and Jeff’s love of purchasing cushions, it just never seemed to meet in the middle.

But what next, as it is not easy to find somewhere else that can house two men and their collection of beloved family members, all of whom have become very used to a good life, with purpose built accommodation, thanks to Jeff and the best of feed, overseen by Todd, on a daily basis.

Full of light hearted fun, real strength of purpose and determination to make everything come out all right, You’ve Got To Be Kidding makes you laugh at the antics of their beloved animals, cry at the sadness that can be life and gasp when the unimaginable needs to be dealt with, all making up a day of life down on the farm, and the wonderful world of ‘country living’ for real.

If you are after a real feel good story that captures the very essence of the old adage ‘be careful what you wish for’, Todd Alexanders You’ve Got To Be Kidding, strips the ‘dream’ bare, with heart, honesty and hilarity.

Author Todd Alexander
Publisher Harper Collins Publishers Australia
ISBN 9781460759288
Distributor Harper Collins Publishers Australia
Released February 2021