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Utopia Found: A Blueprint for Spiritual Renaissance and World Peace

Never has a book been timelier than Utopia Found: A Blueprint for Spiritual Renaissance and World Peace by Troy Reicherter as he, after more than 26 years of research, believes he as created a blueprint for the road ahead, which would or could certainly lead to World Peace, or at the very least, a far better future for succeeding generations.

A tall statement you may think, but taking a look around the globe at the time of writing, there is a terrible health crisis, Coronavirus, in China which is leaching out into a global issue, politics have not been so unstable for many, many years on a global front and spirituality, or religion if you prefer, has seen an all time disconnect on a global level, with Science struggling to catch up, endeavoring to carve a way forward into an unknown and unstable future.

Therefore, perhaps it is timely to begin to look at a slightly different way forward, a way built on History, Spirituality and Science, the three main driving forces on a global basis that can create and drive change.

The question is asked early in the book, ‘How can we pull ourselves back from the brink and save the planet?’ which after due consideration is a massive question that demands a massive answer, but can the answer be such that it will allow change to be created for the benefit of future generations.

As the sections of the book are read and understood much of what Reicherter says makes perfect sense, but is it enough to begin to lay down the guidelines, or the blueprint, for the way ahead.

Comprehensive in content, the work takes into account current world circumstances referencing them to global warming, the decline in traditional religion and the rise in alternate spirituality, the environmental devastation taking place on a daily basis and the negative effect of so many of our cultural inventions, creating a massive demand for material possessions.

Interestingly, History in all forms has tried to issue warnings which have remained unheeded, as the world rushes ever faster to the precipice it is now perched upon, where collectively governments, along with the people of the World, need to begin to take the future into account on a long-term perspective.

Men such as Eisenhower of modern times, Socrates of historic times, poets such as Rumi, religious leaders such as Jesus, Buddha, Muhammad and other prophets, have all offered guidance to the road ahead; perhaps in this dawning of a new era, the words of Eisenhower have never been more appropriate, than when he said, ’I think people want peace so much that one of these days governments had better get out to the way and let them have it.’

As Reicherter says so eloquently through the pages of his work, perhaps that time is now.


Author Troy Reicherter
Publisher Troy Reicherter
ISBN 978-0578547152
Distributor Troy Reicherter
Released June 2019