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Mindset Mastery

Behavioral Scientist Darren Fleming, in this relatively brief, for this style of book, addresses the issue of habit; how a habit is formed, how it affects our life, what can be done to change the habit from negative to positive and lead a happier, far more productive life.

The Preface of Mindset Mastery is worth the read as it is filled with so many ‘hooks’ it is almost impossible not to read on to discover what, once you emerge from a sea of self-help, you can actually do to improve matters; the ‘matters’ being the way you live your life currently as well as the simple but hard to digest truth that change often needs to happen and if you don’t make it happen, something else will.

Truthfully speaking, the mind is a complicated component of our make-up and once it gets an idea it becomes extremely attached to this idea. It really does not like having to let go of an idea and make change, therefor a habit is born.

Mindset Mastery is about understanding what the triggers are, what we react to in our society, then how to train our brain to non-react, which in turn deactivates the habit and accompanying sensations so they do not return. Basically as Fleming states, ‘Mind Mastery is the ability to maintain mental stability and equanimity, regardless of what is happening’.

How to go about this is established throughout the book, which while Fleming has detailed much about our reactions to the lifestyle today and the effect it has on us in a holistic sense, it is also a very excellent course in doing less to achieve more.

He has used examples that everyone can relate to – a mid-life crisis, cold calling, sales targets and more, what are the key drivers and what can be done in a number of simple steps to make the changes sought or required.

Set out in two parts the first is about Understanding, the second is based in taking Action and like most things, it is fun to play with the techniques as you work your way through the book. Should you make the decision to change you have already been given the keys, if you revert to ‘habit’ at the end of the book and choose to do nothing, that is then your choice.

Well set out, easy to read, fun to work with and if you are serious about making a change in how you live your life, view your world and have the genuine desire to do less and achieve more, Mindset Mastery is definitely the way forward.

Highly recommended.

A free copy of the book can be found by going to courtesy of Darren Fleming.

Author Darren Fleming.
Publisher Publish Central
ISBN 9780994409829
Distributor Darren Fleming
Released March 2023