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The Traitor’s Reliquary

Book one of any saga is always interesting, as it contains much without giving too much away, which is the case with The Traitor’s Reliquary from Chris Moss. Set in the world of fantasy fiction the plot begins slowly with the hero, although he does not yet know it, manacled to stones watching the Hydra circle above him. He is the sacrifice and is not happy about being there, as he is pretty certain he did not murder anyone!

Based around a corrupt society that relies heavily on mysticism and the protection of the Hydra, a seven headed monster, the plot, once it gets moving is fast paced and addictive, a bit like the Bloodwyne made from the Hydras blood, that makes or appears to make men invincible, at least for a short period of time.

Kestrel is rescued from certain death at the last minute, but has also discovered he was betrayed by this love, his Goddess, Lychra Maal and that their relationship was nothing but a lie, which does not make what has happened to him any easier to bear.

He finds once he is rescued and in a safe location, courtesy of what appears to be a band of pirates, he is facing another woman, older and much wiser, The Prioress, who seems to have the wisdom of the ages in her eyes and knowledge that is timeless. It seems she has made the decision that he, Kestrel, is the chosen one to help reinstate the Empire and then The Angel who guards over all can be summoned once again, so people can live a good life, free from the terror of Maal and the Hydra.

There is a very quirky, slightly satirical vein running throughout the plot line which makes entertaining reading and the hero, who would rather be anyplace other than taking on the certain, he hopes death of the Hydra, otherwise it will be his certain death, adds to the general chaos of carrying out what he has been assured, is his true life’s work.

Fans of Terry Pratchett and his slightly left of centre fantasy plots, will love The Traitors Reliquary  as Kestral and his band of not always happy compatriots, take on the massive challenge of hopefully righting a centuries old wrong!

What will book 2 bring to the mix? Only time will tell!

Author Chris Moss
Publisher NewLink Publishing
ISBN 978-1948266680
Distributor Chris Moss
Released December 2020