A Christmas Advent Story

Reviewed By  Grasshopper2       November 19, 2017


Author  Ivy Snow. Illustrated Hannah tolsen

Distributor:      Bloomsbury
ISBN:                 9781408889787
Publisher:         Bloomsbury
Release Date:   October 2017  

Website:    http://www.bloomsbury.com/au 

A Christmas countdown book is always fun to read, look at and follow the puzzles. Although this is a very European story, with snow and wellies and deer, it is very engaging. Two small children have twenty five advent flaps to open. Each flap when opened introduces a new word, and as the children countdown to Christmas Day, they peruse many activities.

 The first page finds the children looking for their wellies, to go out into the snow. When they are outside they go ice skating and ride on a sled. Next comes Christmas shopping, and the fun of seeing “Ballerinas twirl and drummers drum.” Choosing the perfect tree is an important task, and once that is completed, there are carols to be sung in the evening. Decorating the tree is a fun task, and choosing the appropriate decoration requires much decision making.

 There is present wrapping to be done, and Christmas cookies to be baked. Such a busy, happy time! Finally it is Christmas Eve, and the question remains, “Who will visit you in the night, an elf, a reindeer or even Santa in his sled.” The great day arrives, and presents are quickly searched for and unwrapped by the tree. Happy Christmas to all! Adults are notably absent in this child centered story.

 The authors have chosen a hard back picture book to present their story. It is the perfect format, allowing for double page spread illustrations, with many tiny detailed drawings and of course, a flap to open on each page. Some of these require a question to be answered and some just show the picture of an object and introduce the name of it.

 On many pages, the reader is asked a series of questions, such as, how many shapes can you see in the biscuits, and how many Christmas trees can you count? Each double spread of pages shows a complete scene with many colourful additions, such as a cat and a dog helping with the present wrapping.

 Young readers will enjoy this bright and topical Christmas Book.