All of the Factors of Why I Love Tractors

Reviewed By  Janet Mawdesley       October 25, 2019


Author  Davinia Bell. Illustrations Jenny Lovlie.

Distributor:      Hardie Grant Publishing
ISBN:                 9781760501457
Publisher:         Hardie Grant Publishing
Release Date:   October 2019  


In this bright, fun filled book written in rhyming text, which adds so much more fun to the story, Frankie McGee and his Mum are off to the library, one of Frankie’s favourite place to go, as there he can find so many books on his very, very favourite thing, Tractors.

Frankie arrives at the library and goes straight to the books on tractors, selecting one to take home, once again. His Mum sees what he has selected and asks in very upset voice ‘WHY’; so Frankie decides he need to explain to his Mum, ‘All of the factors of why I love tractors’, so that his Mum understands his mad, obsessive, passion for tractors.

He gets so excited he is asked to ‘use his library voice’ by Miss Squibb the librarian, but Mum is still not convinced that a book on trains, or plane or something else would not be better.

Eventually Mum decides that reason is not helping, and when Frankie checks out his book with Miss Squibb, she is not at all surprised that he has chosen a book about tractors! Frankie offers to read the story to his Mum, because as he says he knows all the words and after all, it really is all about liking books!

All of the Factors of Why I Love Tractors is based around very real events at any children’s library, creating a very entertaining tale around the wonderful power known as pester power, something of which all small children appear to excel, particularly when it comes to achieving something they really, really want, such as a book about Tractors.

Jenny Lovlie has created a perfect correlation of pictures to compliment the rhyming text, which as this will be a book that is read over and over again, offers so many other things to be discovered on every page, other than tractors!

All of the Factors oft Why I Love Tractors is perfect for a wide range of readers.