Anzac Ted (10th Anniversary Edition)

Reviewed By  Grasshopper2       March 8, 2024


Author  Belinda Landsberry

Distributor:      EK Books/Exisle Publishers
ISBN:                 9781922539755
Publisher:         Exile Publishing
Release Date:   March 2024  


The story and importance of the Anzac Legend is rather difficult to convey to younger children. It is so fitting that Anzac Ted has been reprinted after ten years as it explains those concepts very well. The story presents themes on many different levels, but all of them accessible to the reader.

Ted is not a beautiful bear. He is battered and worn. He doesn’t win favourite toy at school or have appeal for other children. Like many bears, Ted holds many secrets.

Ted was Grandpa Jack’s bear when war was declared. Jack enlisted and left behind a wife and baby. His Grandma packed his Ted and said, “Take Ted, I know he’ll bring you home.”

So Anzac Ted went to Greece, Africa and Turkey with Grandpa and his mates. Ted gave the men moments of peace and became their mascot. In his own way Ted was a hero who travelled with the men, and like many of the men he returned home with wounds. So, he is not beautiful, but a hero in his own way.

Following this story, the author has written an explanation of what happened at Anzac Cove. She acknowledges the Turkish troops there and their admiration of the Aussie and New Zealand Soldiers. Today we still salute the Anzac Spirit, and each generation of Australian and New Zealanders remembers the courage and pride that moved these men on.

The illustrations and gentle humour portrayed help to ease the reader into difficult topic. This is an important explanation of a part of our history.