At The End Of Holyrood Lane

Reviewed By  Janet Mawdesley       October 18, 2018


Author  Dimity Powell. Illustrations Nicky Johnson

Distributor:      EK Books/Exile Publishing
ISBN:                 9781925335767
Publisher:         Exisle Kids Publishing - NZ
Release Date:   Septmber 2018  


Storms come and go but the house at the end of Holyrood Lane seems to have more storms than most, storms that Flick hates with all her might. Storms rage and roar, making her head sore and her ears hurt. She hides under the bed and in lots of other safe places until the storm is over.

Flick loves to chase butterflies, and run in the sunshine, she loves to play in the beech woods at the end of the lane, kicking and tumbling in their autumn leaves, that is except when it storms.

But one day when it storms so hard there is no time to hide. No matter where she tries to hide the storm crashes all around her. At the end of the storm she is left sodden and shaken like never before. Flick decides to do something she has never, ever, done before, ask for help!

In this skilful and sensitively written story about domestic violence, the book offers a small ray of hope for children facing the dark and destructive days of violence in the home. The very clever, gentle and sensitive use of words portrays the anxiety and fear always present and the courage needed to face the fear to ask for help.

Used wisely this is a work which can help small children and even older children reach out, to know they are not alone and ask for the help so badly needed to break the cycle that is so destructive, physically and psychologically.

At The End of Holyrood Lane is a landmark book on a subject which is a no longer a hidden, tragic aspect life. The skilful use of thunderstorms and stormy skies as metaphors, coupled with simple and yet powerful illustrations makes this a book which should be on the shelves of kindergarten and school libraries and used as an instructive talking time in classrooms.

Beautifully done and presented.