Birdie Lights up the World

Reviewed By  Janet Mawdesley       June 30, 2023


Author  Alison McLennan . Illustrations Lauren Mullinder.

Distributor:      EK Books/Exile Publishing.
ISBN:                 9781922539489
Publisher:         Ek Books/ Exile Publishing
Release Date:   June 2023  



There are so many wonderful parts to this Children’s Picture Book, that it takes a second read to begin to see the beauty. Firstly, the illustrations are delightful. They complete the text and set the scene for the story. Next, the characters in the zoo all have jobs and responsibilities, (although it is tricky to guess what the monkeys are supposed to do.) Thirdly Birdie’s problem is one of her own perceptions, it is not a reality.

Birdie Lights Up The World tells us how Birdie, a penguin, ends each day at the zoo by singing in the night sky. Without her, darkness would engulf the land. It is easy to see how our perceptions can lead us into believing something when it is not true. However, with the support from her friends, the penguin realises that maybe the night sky would light up without her sweet voice.

The flow of this story, and the kindness and caring shown by her friends helps Birdie to see her way. Her singing brings joy to the other animals and gives her great satisfaction.

The illustrations are skilfully complex, while each animal is shown alone for easy identification by little ones. The message here is, sometimes we believe things that just aren’t true. Being flexible and adjusting our thoughts with knowledge can show us new ways.

Birdie Lights Up The World is a charming story to be read many times.