Bugs in Danger Our Vanishing Bees, Butterflies, and Beetles

Reviewed By  Ian Banks       April 9, 2020


Author  Mark Kurlansky

Distributor:      Bloomsbury Childrens Books
ISBN:                 9781547603404
Publisher:         Bloomsbury Children's Books
Release Date:   December 2019  

Website:    https://www.bloomsbury.com 

What happens when those pesky bugs, beetles and hardworking bees simply vanish, or become less than before? What difference do they make to the environment and more importantly what overarching effect do they have on the survival of the human race.

These are questions that have seen much scientific research carried out over recent years, with findings that have to put it mildly, horrified the scientific world, not just on one level or within one speciality, but in the broadest of contexts.

Scientists have been seriously concerned about the decimation of the bee population on a worldwide basis for many years, and it is not until you look at the a windscreen after a long journey and realise there are not many, if any squashed bugs on it, you then begin to wonder why.

But move on one step further to the overall effect on the future of the human race, what the serious decline of the little critters of the world is going to have on crops, pollen spreading, and so much more.

Mark Kurlansky has taken this massive subject and pared it down into words that reach out to a wide range of ages and reading levels, as he presents the facts as they are in plain terms, difficult to dispute and seriously worrying.

By taking a long hard look at the human cause of such wholesale destruction, with the massive clearing of land, light pollution, chemical use on crops and wanton destruction of habitat world wide, he draws a very sobering conclusion: that if things keep deteriorating as they have done over the past one hundred years and more, life on planet earth is in serious jeopardy.

He points out so many simple things that can be undertaken by everyone as they go about their daily life to help try and begin to reverse the careless damage done to the environment; things such as watching where you are walking when in the bush, take care not to step on ants and other bugs such as ladybirds, discontinue the use of pesticides and chemicals in the garden, plant to have a bee friendly environment in your garden and yards, regardless of the size.

Kurlansky also suggests we all take the time to look around what is left of this beautiful planet and make a conscious effort to do better, to enjoy the beauty, to ensure that by looking after the bugs, bees and butterflies that this beauty is there for future generations.

Bugs in Danger is a must read, should read book, and is a very clear wake-up call to everyone to take action and help save the bugs in your own backyard.