Game On: Shrinkle

Reviewed By  Grasshopper2       May 17, 2023


Author  Emily Snape

Distributor:      EK Books
ISBN:                 9781922539397
Publisher:         Exile Publishers/EK Books
Release Date:   May 2023  


Game On: Shrinkle, is a story for the children who love adventure of the gaming kind. The brothers who are known as “Pranks,” and “Pants” have just come home from school. Their Mum is in a raging mood because her job has been cancelled and she must go to another place.

The boys are both in trouble; one for hacking into the school computer system, the other because his brother filled his backpack with underpants and, they have been given a strange babysitter, who they are told, used to work for NASA.

The babysitter falls asleep with the baby and the boys borrow her phone to amuse themselves, as Mum has taken their computers in the car. Suddenly they are the size of small mice.

Their home has become a challenge and their family cat a deadly enemy. It will take all their resourcefulness and courage to evade being eaten or squashed. The game on the babysitter’s phone has certainly changed their world. They need to cooperate now or perish.

Young readers will enjoy the creative and spontaneous problem solving that the brothers must use to succeed.