How to Keep a Pet Squirrel

Reviewed By  Janet Mawdesley       November 26, 2014


Author  Axel Scheffler

ISBN:                 978-0-571-25598-6
Publisher:         Faber books
Release Date:    


“The squirrel makes a very attractive and interesting pet,” and so beings a charming tale.

Axel Scheffler of The Gruffalo fame has yet again used his amazing sense of the ridiculous, coupled with his enormous talent as an illustrator to present a slice of times gone bye to the modern child and not so young child.

This fabulous little book, based on information found in a children’s encyclopaedia from 1910, is one the entire family will enjoy, from grandma –who just may know all about keeping squirrels – to the youngest family member.
Absolutely fascinating information, 1900’s style, is contained in this book for anyone who really and truly wants to try and keep a squirrel as a pet – if of course they can first find a squirrel who really and truly wants to be kept as a pet!

A group of year 2 students also reviewed this book and here are some of the things they had to say:

  • Aria: I liked it because I can look back to it instead of going on the internet on how to keep a pet!
  • Ethan:  I think squirrels are very nice because I think they are cute
  • Nic: I liked the book because the part when the squirrel bit the girls finger was very funny
  • Zachary: I like the book because it is very, very, very funny
  • Cody:  I would like to have a pet squirrel
  • Bailey: Once I saw two squirrels wrestling: one fell out of the tree
  • Tim: I like the book because it is interesting
  • Cairo: I think the book is good because squirrels are cute
  • Charlie: I saw a squirrel in the zoo. I like the story because it was interesting
  • Jordy: I really like the book cause it’s funny