I Saw Santa’s Underpants

Reviewed By  Janet Mawdesley       October 26, 2022


Author  Bobbie Hinman

Distributor:      Netgalley
ISBN:                 9781736545973
Publisher:         Best Fairy Books
Release Date:   September 2022  

Website:    https://www.netgalley.com/catalog/book/269356 

This cheerful, laugh out loud rhyming Christmas tale, I Saw Santa’s Underpants, from Bobby Hickman will have both adults and children chuckling gleefully at the antics poor Santa has to go through to keep his trousers in the right place.

It is that time of the year when Santa has to set about delivering the many presents to children all over the world. So he goes to his closet, pulls out the right suit with the lovely big shiny black belt and heads off to his sleigh.

The Elves have been hard a work stuffing all the stocking full. They load up the Sleigh and off Santa goes, dashing through the night skies. He arrives at Max’s house, where Max has been hopefully waiting to see if Santa does arrive.

It is while Santa is doing what he does best, putting all the presents under the tree, he realises he has left his braces behind and his pants simply will not stay up. Oh, my goodness, what to do. But clever Max come up with a solution that will stop everyone from knowing what coloured underpants Santa was wearing.

Bright, colourful illustrations add to the fun of the rhyming storyline. Little ones will be asking for I Saw Santa’s Underpants every night before bed as it is such a terrific book on several levels with much to be discovered in the illustrations and at the end of the story.

I Saw Santa’s Underpants: A really fun Christmas read for young and not so young.