Jonar & Kitty – the Timekeeper’s Void

Reviewed By  Janet Mawdesley       October 27, 2017


Author  Bobbie S. Richardson

Distributor:      Short Stop Press
ISBN:                 9780995443921
Publisher:         Short Stop Press
Release Date:   October 2017  


Bobbie Richardson has crafted a tale of courage, hope and faith that there really is another world, a better, happier world, just simply waiting to be discovered.

Jonar has discovered that without too much effort he is able to time shift and that when this happens he seems to slip sideways, not losing time in the everyday world of school, chores and responsibilities.

He has some small adventures but it is not until he meets Tono, initially in the form of a squirrel, that he begins to become immersed in something which is far bigger and could have far reaching ramifications, not just to the ‘Otherworld’ but also to his everyday life.

Kitty is a very pretty, blond girl he meets while working in the Local Store after school. It seems she too is able to enter the ‘Otherworld’ but has slightly different abilities to Jonar.

They form a team and make the decision to accept the challenge offered to them to help free the Sylph Queen and rescue Tono from the terrible clutches of the Timekeepers. By accepting the challenge they are offered, they place themselves in considerable danger, but discover along the way a world of wonderful creatures, spirits and very naughty fairies, which either help or hinder their efforts.

Good and evil clash catastrophically creating serious doubt as to whether Jonar and Kitty will be able to return to their world, should things go terribly wrong before their mission can be accomplished. Both Jonas and Kitty learn to understand the issues that face the world today considerably better and are offered a rare glimpse into the world before things began to go so desperately in the wrong direction.

The question is asked, What if the world were a far different place, what possibilities could there be?

Written for the audience of young people who really do understand there is, or possibly could be, another dimension to this world, or readers who enjoy a journey into the ‘otherworldly’ aspects of literature, this is an adventure story with a different perspective, which will have an appeal to those who enjoy something a little out of the ordinary, with moral to the story which is distinctly unusual.