Surviving the Wild: Sunny the Shark

Reviewed By  Grasshopper2       September 9, 2022


Author  Remy Lai

Distributor:      Macmillan Publishers
ISBN:                 9781250785459
Publisher:         Macmillan Publishers. Imprint Henry Holt and Co. (BYR)
Release Date:   September  


Colourful and lively, the shark on the front cover will attract many readers. A smiling shark! This graphic novel Sunny The Shark consists of simple digital artwork which conveys a message and cleverly expresses feelings of happiness and distress.

The story begins with Sunny happily cruising in the warm waters when a shoal of tiny pilot fish surrounds him. They are trying to escape from a large tuna, who wishes to have them for lunch.

They stay close to Sunny and convince him to let them travel with him. They help to clean small parasites from his skin and teeth. This proves to be a satisfactory arrangement for all. The days pass pleasantly each helping the other.

On his journey Sunny is tagged by a marine protection crew but then gets caught in a piece of plastic which wraps around him. This is very distressing, and as he grows will prove fatal. After many adventures, Sunny finally breaks free from the plastic and can grow and move on.

Remy Lai uses her art to simply explain the life underwater fish live and the responsibility that we must care for them. Introducing these concepts to young children in a gently manner is great way to support our wildlife.