The Anti-Boredom Christmas Book

Reviewed By  Grasshopper2       January 14, 2017


Author  Andy Seed

Distributor:      Bloomsbury
Publisher:         Bloomsbury Children
Release Date:   December 2016  

Website:    http:/ 

Bluewolf apologies for the late posting of this review; so for those of you all Christmas- ed out, put it away for next Christmas and for those who love Christmas all the year around, enjoy the read.

 For all those times in between activities and eating, and ‘rellies’ during the Christmas holidays, this is the book to have with you at all times. It is great fun and entertainment without being seriously overwhelming and scary.

 The chapters in the book are divided into Christmas themes, such as “Let it snow, that man Santa, Christmas crackers,” and many more. The introduction describes how Christmas can be a time of great fun, but also a time of waiting, and so the book contains games, challenges, quizzes, and creative ideas”.  Some of the challenges become just that. Making a snowman in Australia would tax the most creative mind! Some of the other ideas are far more practical, and involve making snowflakes, or a poem.

 We have Christmas music to rate and sing and add to, while the joke section would appeal to younger readers. My young friends enjoyed the challenge of changing the wording to be found in many Christmas cards. “A special PIE is being sent to you, filled with MONKEY BRAINS”. Not likely to be a best seller in the card shop one would say.

 The fun facts section tells us the official address for writing letters for Santa, and that Italian children write the most letters, while Santa can be tracked each Christmas Eve via a Santa Tracker provided by the North American Defense Force. The Quiz asks many questions about reindeer and will have the brain ticking over, as will the Guess section. Along with games, creative activities, lists, and jokes, this will keep the little ones amused for hours. Great if you have some travelling to do, or some waiting around, ‘till the next onslaught of visitors.