The Dragon with a Chocolate Heart

Reviewed By  Janet Mawdesley       April 29, 2017


Author  Stephanie Burgis

Distributor:      Bloomsbury
ISBN:                 9781408880319
Publisher:         Bloomsbury
Release Date:   March 2017  

Website:    http:/ 

Dragons are fearsome creatures who think nothing of having a delicious bit of human for dinner, or sending out a fiery breath simply to keep things in order down in the human world far, far below. 

But what happens when you are considered far too young to venture forth, your scales have not hardened enough to protect you from the sharp arrows and you are bored, bored, bored with playing in the jewellery pile and the lovely, shiny, sparkling gold coin collection in the cave. Your brother, Jasper, who is older than you, is a nerd and no-one believes you are capable of being at least a little bit independent.

Well of course you decide one afternoon, when the elders are all asleep, to take a risk and go along the tunnel that you know leads out of the safety of the mountain and simply have a look. But the look turns into far more when things begin to go horribly wrong.

When Adventurine slips, tumbling down the mountainside, she realises she is in trouble but decides to try and take home something for her efforts. She scents a human and sets off to track him down. The young man, who as it turns out, is brewing something in a pot over the flames, is terrified she will eat him, but convinces her to let him share the special drink.

One whiff of this rich, warm, dark velvety, chocolaty drink followed by a sip and then another sip, finds Adventurine hooked for life on chocolate. The chocolate drink has been spiked with magic, and when she comes too she discovers the young man is a food mage, and as all good dragons learn, mages and their magic are to be feared. She then discovers the magic is changing her from a dragon to a mortal, with her scales changing from the lovely vivid hues of a young dragon, to the boring, mundane colours of the human.

 And that is when her troubles really begin as she discovers she now has to survive in the horribly, awful, world full of strangers but can no longer work up a good blast of fire or a huge puff of hot air for protection. What is she to do!

She finds herself a victim of greed and deceit, discovers a true friend in the most unlikely of places,  before she discovers the place she passionately wants to work, a place where she can learn more about the wonderful thing called chocolate that seems to have her under its spell.

When chocolatier Marina, who makes the best chocolate in Drachenburg, and is co-owner of The Chocolate Heart, agrees to give Adventurine a try out as she has just sacked her last apprentice, her adventure into the very real world of humans begins.

This is a wonderfully warm, rich, deliciously entertaining, tale based around the values of family love, true friendship, determination, consequences, and of course, the power of chocolate!