The Game of Nasty Things

Reviewed By  Grasshopper2       December 6, 2017



Distributor:      Crown and Andrews
Release Date:   November 2017  


This game is presented in an attractive and sturdy box, which contains 2 packs of cards, writing paper and pencils. It is a game of adult humour, along the lines of Cards Against Humanity. The note on the top corner of the box says that this game is for “Groups of Immoral People 18+.”  So it would make sense not to use it as a family friendly game. The questions posed reflect adult humour and many and varied topics.

 When the group is assembled, one person elects to be the reader. He/she reads the question or statement, and the group each writes their response to the topic. The reader then collects the answers and has to guess who wrote each statement.  One point is scored for each correct guess, and two points are scored for the player who avoids detection. The reader’s job then passes to the next person on the left.

 This is a game of deduction and memory. The questions could lead to some interesting insights into people, and some soul searching for the players. For example, one question asks, “Things you know more about than anyone else.”  The reader would have to be quite insightful to recognise some of the people behind the answers given. This also lends itself to some creative writing where imagination plays a part.

The topics are quite varied, and range from Harry Potter to suggestive questions, to quirky thoughts. It seems an interesting way to get to know people’s thoughts on a range of different subjects. Because of the process of the game, (the in depth questions and the writing), as well as the contents, it would not suit younger players. The word nasty may refer to how a player feels when confronted by a confession, answering a question such as, “Things that smell funny but you eat them anyway.” Many laughs would be had with your friends as the game wears on.