The Girl and the Dinosaur

Reviewed By  Janet Mawdesley       November 19, 2019


Author  Holly Hughes. Illustrated Sarah Massini

Distributor:      Bloomsbury Childrens Books
ISBN:                 9781408880524
Publisher:         Bloomsbury Childrens Books
Release Date:   October 2019  


Large format and wonderfully created The Girl and the Dinosaur is an absolute treasure, as well as somewhat unusual,l as Holly Hughes has created a very descriptive and enjoyable piece of poetry enhanced by the wonderful illustrations from Sarah Massini, to delight a wide age range of readers who love something a little different.

The story revolves around a little girl called Marianne who loves the beach, but for a very different reason. She loves to dig up the sand to try and discover dinosaur bones she knows are buried just below the surface.

If she is very, very patient and keeps on digging she will hopefully find all the bones that once were a dinosaur. Slowly, ever so slowly, she does find piece after piece until she puts together the skeleton of ‘Bony’ on the sand.

When she goes to bed that night, she makes a very special wish that she and Bony can have some adventures together; to be able to travel the skies like the stars, to make special magic and perhaps even to go to a party place for children.

Nothing fun and exciting is off limits with her special friend Bony.

The Girl and the Dinosaur is a joyous and absorbing tale told through the metre of poetry, which is delightful to enjoy regardless of your age and one that will be fun to read time and time again, as you too can be just like Marianne and go on an adventure with Bony filled with wonderful, imaginary magic.