That Empty Feeling 

Reviewed By  Janet Mawdesley       March 3, 2016


Author  Peter Corris

Distributor:       Booktopia/Amazon 
ISBN:                 9781760112073
Publisher:         Allen & Unwin
Release Date:   January 2016  


Cliff Hardy is in a reflective mood, looking back over his career and the people he has had dealings with,when an obituary catches his eye, bringing back a case that never really was solved.

He starts to tell his heavily pregnant daughter the story of what went wrong when he was asked to take on the case of Barry Bartlett and a man who appeared in Sydney claiming to be his son.

Barry Bartlett was far from the harmless soul be made himself out to be; involved in business dealing which were to say the least, sailing close to the wind and just one step outside of being illegal. He and fellow business associate Sir Keith Mountjoy had formed an unholy alliance which was bound to lead to disaster in one form or another.

Set in a time in Sydney when anything went in the world of big business and capitalism was running riot, there were big, if not huge, sums of money at stake. All it needed was for one thing to go wrong and the delicately balanced plans involving a big oil deal, would come crashing a down with bloody results.

When Ronny Saunders arrives claiming he is Bartlett’s son, things do start come to come unravelled in a spectacular way with the body count mounting and the list of suspects growing, in an ever more complex situation.

Bronwen Marr is a young, keen, eager policewoman, new to the AFP and on her first case. It becomes apparent to Cliff that she is pretty new to the entire undercover scene. He takes her under his guidance, not just to help her, but also so they can combine their information to try and bring the case to a close before more people are killed or badly injured, in what is slowly becoming a very complex and deadly situation.

Sadly there were no winners in this one even though the years had slowly pasted over the cracks. In the telling, Hardy once again realises there was and never will be, tidy endings to every case, there will always be a loose end.  

Once again a riveting read from the pen of Peter Corris and the pages of the indomitable Cliff Hardy P.I.