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The Silence of Grace

How many ways are there to describe perfection other than to say the music of Deborah Martin and Jill Haley come pretty close to the definition of ‘the state or quality of being perfect’ with their sublime The Silence of Grace.

The small booklet that accompanies the work is an excellent lead into the music, as each song is accompanied by some beautiful words that in a single line or two shares the majesty of nature that inspired the composition. Deborah Martin is well known for her subliminal electronic compositions that drift and float on the ether.

Jill Haley, Oboist, English horn player as well as a pianist and composer, blends the sounds of her instruments into the electronic soundscape in a manner that is as seamless as it is perfect. Both women have a deep bond with nature, a love of walking through nature, of sitting allowing nature to inspire their magnificent compositions.

Initially the effect of the music was as if a bubble of light formed encapsulating the spirit, which then drifted timelessly through time and space on a journey only the listener could understand. Upon reading the words in the booklet the impression lasts as when walking through the majestic forests deep in the green world of peace and calm, a feeling of encapsulation forms to protect and nourish.

Each individual piece gently drifts into one blissful journey which is exquisite and totally perfect for deep mediation or simply drifting and best described by these two lines:

‘Be still just for a moment .. do not want to loudly.. Instead, chase the mists quietly and gently..’-Deborah Martin.

And from Jill Haley; ‘Grace is a gift bestowed on us..unasked for and gratefully received.’

Distributor Spotted Peccary Music
Released April 2021
Artists Deborah Martin and Jill Haley