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Atma Bhakti

The many talents of lauded musician Manish Vyas have come together in this two part recording devoted to prayer and meditation, designed to release, relax and allow the spiritual shift into a timeless space.

The album has been carefully divided into separate components, that of Atma meaning ‘soul or divine’ which creates within itself a meditative atmosphere. Bhakti is the second section and means ‘devotion or worship’ with the final track being a Vedic Chant.

Created to an underlying tonal sequence the music can be used in a number of ways, such as with Yoga, as a guide into prayer or meditation or simply to have on in the background to help calm and ground, on days when something melodic can aid and help clear the mind and relax the body.

Vyas has bought his collective expertise into focus on this album along with his undoubted talent with a variety of instruments such as the swar-mandel, tanpura, keyboards, and gong as well as a variety of bells which are used throughout Bhakti to help ground the listener and bring them into the moment.

Chanting brings a powerful spiritual energy to both Atma and Bhakti allowing the listener to move and flow to wherever they choose to go; whichever place in their essence that needs refreshing and renewing.

Vyas believes that ‘music has a purpose, vibration, energy and space and is not just for entertainment.’ Through his music he tries to pass on the influences he feels in the rhythm, and spiritual connections of joy, bliss, grace, silence and meditation, which on this album, he has succeed in achieving.

No matter what reason you choose to listen to his music to you will find, whether it is a short or longer period of time, that you are refreshed and relaxed when the final note has been delivered.

Distributor New Earth Records
Artists Manish Vyas