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21 Pulse Eclipse is edgy, prickly, synergetic and based on the alignment of three celestial object known as Syzygy, ergo, the heart, mind and spirit, which create their own rhythmic pulses that in the right space can enable all three to come into complete alignment.

Using the wide range of electronic tones to achieve this synergy of flow has created an interesting listening experience, which should only be utilised if there is the desire to move into a deep, transcendental state seeking alignment.

If this state of alignment is not required the soundscape is edgy, almost abrasive, jarring in some aspects and definitely unsettling, certainly different and once again, as with much of the electronic sound-scaping, challenging.

Much can be read into or placed into this realm of pushing sound waves to the very extreme, and as careful listening will discover, the voyage to alignment is anything but pure, smooth and relaxing.

Dark moods created are moved over with a sharper, distinctive shift, while floating, drifting follows to soften the vibe created, allowing a more mellow space, time and place to be created. This of course is the true mission of electronic music, as it tantalises the brain, stretches the mind and allows the emotions free flow without form or void; as is the beginning, so too is the ending.

As there is no central link, nor earthly connection to be hooked into in this debut work from Bart Hawkins, the realms of psychedelia beckon, to be enjoyed in entirety over the eight tracks that blend seamlessly into a conjunction of opposites, which considering this album was created during a full lunar eclipse, is not surprising.

Interesting and to be enjoyed when and as required.

Distributor Spotted Peccary Music
Artists Bart Hawkins