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Fire Opal

Ethereal and beautiful, the first track in this debut album from Eric Jensen as Massergy, is an entree into a world of perfectly crafted ambient music that drifts and flows with a gentle energy, that both intrigues and soothes.

Commencing with a guitar introduction Vinesong reaches out, offering a journey into another world, a world filled with reverence and wonder, a world where dreaming is allowed; welcomed.

As Massergy records in the dark of night at the Stillhouse Nature Reserve, perched on a wooden platform, recording whatever comes to mind, influenced by the perfection of the location, it is not at all surprising that the very essence of subtle energies to be found are stepped within in the music.

Lunar Cinema immediately brings to mind the wonderful canvas unveiled when the moon is full, the surrounding areas flooded with cold, crisp, eerie light offering for all who care to see what else is there, hidden in the heavens. Moody, carried by a current of gentle, unresisting sound this is an ideal piece for serious meditation.

Album title track, Fire Opal is a strong, haunting piece of ghostly sounds, raising the spectres of places travelled, settled but now abandoned, the lure that once called, gone into time and space leaving behind that void, that shadow of past lives wrapped in the secret world of seeking the magic and mystery of the opal.

A completely different vibe is introduced in El Viajero, one that could be almost accepted as the introduction of a western movie, the strings of the guitar strummed in an almost discordant manner, underpinned with a soft aura of the synth to create a very captivating track.

By the time the final track is reached, so too is the reluctant conclusion of fantastically imaginary sound journey to any place the mind has discovered. La Extrana as the finale, once again drifts about the sound spectrum in what could be considered as in an almost unformed manner, but on listening closely the very essence of sound patterns that make up the night, from early evening to sunrise have been captured, fresh, clean and as with all things in nature, perfectly.

Recorded raw, and ‘created without the use of software or sequencers’ the subtle beauty to be discovered outdoors at night has been retained, overlaying the seven-track album with a seductive, tranquil ambience.


DistributorSpotted Peccary Music
ReleasedMarch 2019